State legislative priority issues for 2015

Members of M-P Farm Bureau met with Representative Frank Mautino in March and will be meeting with other legislators in our district in April to discuss issues important to agriculture in our counties and throughout the state.  The state legislative priority issues for the 2015 General Assembly session as established by Illinois Farm Bureau were discussed as follows:

  • Seek passage of a state budget that provides necessary levels of funding for core agricultural programs in order to maintain existing services that protect consumers, landowners, and farmers.
  • Seek legislation requiring that any decision to permanently post a road at a reduced weight limit or to permanently close a road requires the unanimous approval of the road commissioner, county engineer and a majority of the elected members of the board associated with the road district.
  • Support legislation that modernizes state sales tax incentives for ethanol blended fuels by expediting the sunset of the 10% ethanol blended fuel incentive and creates additional demand for the use of fuels containing higher ethanol blends.
  • Support legislation that will align state Commercial Driver's License regulations for farmers with those implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Explore opportunities to amend expedited review procedures for new large, complex high voltage electric service lines that will better protect landowners' rights.
  • Oppose an increase to Illinois' minimum wage that is believed to be inflationary and would negatively impact Illinois' business climate.